Business Coaching


You know it makes sense

A coach may just spark a new idea


So why do we need a coach? We know what we’re doing!

I’m sure you do – you know your business better than anyone.

In the cartoon to the left, the King undoubtedly knows how to

fight the battle. Does that mean, however, that aren’t any different

ideas out there?

Absolutely not!

With training you can gain some new skills. You attend the course,

study the subject, and hey presto, you have the new knowledge.

With coaching, you open the door to a realm of new possibilities.

A coach will ask you things like:

  • “Why are you doing this?”
  • “What do you want to achieve?”
  • “Where would you like this to be?”
  • “What could be holding you back?”
  • “Do you have the right team?”
  • “What might happen if you tried this?”
A coach will ask the tough questions

A coach will ask the tough questions

Tony's Company, Club Red Pty Ltd can help you find the pieces

The missing piece to your puzzle

With more than thirty years of business experience in

various industries, Tony and his Associates can help

you strategise, set goals, analyse the challenges and put

plans into effect, to get you the results you want.

Just think of us as your support team. With Tony’s contacts,

we can assist your business in many areas and improve

your chances of business and personal success.


Please provide your contact details in confidence

using the form provided and Tony, or one of his team

will call you for a no obligation chat.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Act now -your success is our priority!

All the best teams use a coach

All the best teams use a coach